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Creating a DM server: Part 3 – Installing Sourcemod

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment

By now, you have your server running, and your armed with your trusty server side commands. When I started working on servers, the first thing I did after getting it running was figure out how people used admin commands. Many different varieties exist, but most popular include Sourcemod, Mani Admin Plugin, Event Scripts, and SourceOP. For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to start with SourceMod, go to SourceOP, and finish with eventscripts. Mani admin plugin isn’t that extendable, and all commands can be replicated using the other 3.

Step 1: Download Metamod

Sourcemod uses a base called MetaMod:Source to run it’s engine. It can be downloaded here: []. I’m not sure exactly how this is packaged, but you basically put addons in the root directory of your server. In this case, it’s C:\srcds\hl2mp\.

After you downloaded and inserted Metamod, it’s time to download the VDF. The VDF is a file that tells the server Ok, load this addon when you start it. Go to [] and run the VDF tool. The operating system is Microsoft Windows, and the game is Half Life 2 Multiplayer. Leave the next field blank, and hit “generate metamod.vcf”. Place this file in hl2mp\addons\.

Restart your server, and type meta version in console. It should tell you it’s loaded as a Valve server plugin. If not, refer to the documentation on for help.

Step 2: Download and install Sourcemod

Once you have verified that SourceMM is running(Metamod), download and install Sourcemod from []. This is the same procedure that we just did. Make sure that it looks like hl2mp\addons\sourcemod.

Restart the server if you haven’t already, and type “meta list” in console. It should tell you sourcemod is loaded. If it is, type “sm” to verify. If all goes well, you have successfully installed Sourcemod.

Make sure to read too, as I’m just trying to get you running.

Step 3: Adding admins

Read this:

Also read a bit up on Sourcemod and get comfortable, next time we’re installing a plugin.

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