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Creating a DM server: Part 2 – Doing stuff the hard way

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment

I first planned this post to be aimed at the installation and configuration of Sourcemod, then I realized: You know nothing about how to run a “Vanilla” server, or even how to get one running.

In my last tutorial, I told you how to start a server in console mode, but I’m going to end up saving that till later. For now, just double click on srcds.exe. A window will appear. Enter the following:

  • Game: Half Life 2 DM
  • Server name: Test server
  • Network: LAN
  • Max players: 14
  • UDP port: 27015
  • RCON password: m0nk3ybu1sn3ss

After you start your server, navigate to the console tab. The cosnole tab is where any command will be run. When you start running your server in console mode, this is all you will see. Some basic commands are as follows:

  • say <your text here>
  • mp_flashlight 1/0
  • mp_timelimit <time>
  • _restart
  • exit
  • killserver
  • map asdfasdf_asf.bsp
  • banid <steamid>
  • banip <ip address>
  • writeid – Writes the the ban id list, always run after you ban someone.
  • writeip – Writes the IP ban list, users on this list can’t see the server. It will be listed as not responding.
  • kick <player id>
  • status
  • sv_cheats 1/0

The amount of commands is endless. Certain commands have what’s called a syntax. If you type the command in with nothing else, it should tell you what it does, and how to use it. _restart, killserver, exit, quit, etc are all shutdown commands. _restart restarts the engine, ending the server, killserver does the same, etc. Your RCON password is short for remote console.


RCON is a very useful feature in all source games. When you set your RCON passowrd, it allows anyone with access full reign over your server. To use it, type the following in the game:

  • rcon_address <your server ip here>
  • rcon_password <your password here>
  • rcon <command>

Warning: If you get the password incorrect, it will automatically IP ban you from the server. Use at your own risk, and never give it out.

I’m not covering other things, like MOTDs, running bans, etc. Google is your friend.

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