YouTube is Dying YouTube Exposed

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YouTube – YouTube is Dying YouTube Exposed

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Steam: How to get a Left 4 Dead 2 skin.

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/me sighs

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Never tell your password to anyone.
Saturday, November 14, 2009
3:50 PM – [KoTB]Shank“: L4D2 skin for steam:
3:51 PM – <name redacted>: SHANK
3:51 PM – <name redacted>: DON”T
3:51 PM – <name redacted>: OR YOU”LL BE BANNED FROM STEAM
3:51 PM – [KoTB]Shank“: no…..
3:51 PM – [KoTB]Shank“: …
3:51 PM – <name redacted>: People have been spamming each other about stuff and they got banend
3:52 PM – <name redacted>: because Links are hacks
3:52 PM – [KoTB]Shank“: I should block you for that.
3:52 PM – <name redacted>: I don’t give a ****
3:52 PM – <name redacted>: Your the one who’s gonna get banned from steam if you spam that not me
3:53 PM – [KoTB]Shank“: LINKS ARE NOT ****ING HACKS
3:53 PM – [KoTB]Shank“: ARE YOU ****ING MENTAL?
3:53 PM – <name redacted>: ASK ****ING BINARY WHAT HAPPENED TODAY
3:53 PM – [KoTB]Shank“: READ THE EULA

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YouTube – The New Mic (sort of)

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Top 10 ways to save battery life.

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You should never confuse your batteries. Here’s an easy way to keep them apart in your head: Lithium Ion batteries explode, Nickel Cadmium destroys the environment, and Lead Acid batteries are more corrosive than the Alien Queen’s blood (plus, they contain lead). You can eat Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries.

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Creating a DM server: Part 4 – Plug it in, plug it in!

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You now have Sourcemod installed, along with MetaMod:Source. What now? Do you just sit back, and enjoy the fresh admin? No! You make the time that your on the server the best: With plugins!

Sourcemod Plugins

All sourcemod plugins are normally kept nice and tidy on under plugins, but I’ve found that finding plugins there is extremely inaccurate. First, you can’t see plugins that don’t work, any replies, common issues, or just general tips on the plugin without finding it’s forum topic. For this reason alone, I always find my plugins at Browse to the SourceMod section, just below the AMX Mod X section. Make sure to be in the SourceMod section. Both sections are alike, except they run on different game engines: Source, and GoldSource(For example, Half Life 2 Deatmatch and Half Life Deathmatch Classic).

Look for a plugin under Approved Plugins. Those found in unapproved plugins are usually out of date, don’t work, or have a better alternative. As a general rule of thumb, you can get away with running any plugin on any source engine game, unless it’s otherwise defined. Most topics look like [TF2] RockTheVote! or [L4D]Vomit Mod. If it says [ALL] or [ANY] or something related to deathmatch, it usually works with little to no modifications. In this example, I’ll be installing a plugin called sm_godclip, and then giving an example of how it is setup.

Getting to know the plugin structure.

Before we start, I’d like to point out how Sourcemod is laid out:

  • /hl2mp/
    • /addons/
      • /sourcemod/
        • /addons/
        • /scripting/
        • /configs/
        • /plugins/
        • etc

All filenames go in separate folders. Most plugins say, “Put blahblah.smx into plugins”, “Put explode.cfg in configs”, etc. This is useful for something without installation instructions, however. First, look at what you need to download. All plugins are in the attachments section of the first post. An example looks like this:

Download page

The filetype for plugins is usually *.smx or *.sp. *.sp files are rarely needed unless you intend on modifying the plugin itself. The plugin I’m installing( has only 1 SMX file. Click “Get Plugin” to compile it. The first file is already compiled, but I usually want a fresh build, so I click the get plugin button instead.

You should now have sm_godclip.smx somewhere in your downloads folder. Place that in the plugins folder. For more information, refer to Google.

Restart your server, and type the following, sm plugins list. This should return a few plugins, notably the basic plugins, as well as if it’s loaded, version, etc. Make sure godclip is somewhere on there. To manually load it, type in sm plugins load sm_godclip.smx. If all goes well, it should either tell you that it loaded the plugin, or that it was already loaded. Congratulations, you now know how to install plugins in your new server!

I know that I haven’t covered port forwarding yet, nor do I intend on doing so. It’s different for every router. It’s around 4 different sets of ports. For an example guide, look at If you ask me on steam, I’ll block you for 8 hours. I hate port forwarding, and I hate it so much, I literally avoid it if I can. Usually I just use port triggering, but that’s a whole different story.

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L4D2 Quickie: Browse tons of servers with 1 console command

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Type openserverbrowser in console to view all servers on the internet, just like your used to with other Source engine games.

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